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I’ve no idea anymore who or what you are. Or why you watch. Why you’re there. Here. Whether you’re mocking or whether you care, or whether you mean to do me harm.

I know that I’m weary of wondering, trying to decipher the clues, figure you out. Thinking I’ve finally found the missing piece of the puzzle only to realize that the puzzle is far more complicated than I ever dreamed.

But understand something. I am better than your d****** too, and I like her. That won’t stop. If that bothers you, learn to deal with it.

As for me, the way it makes me feel discovering I was wrong about things I took for granted, things I thought I knew, makes me sick inside. Makes me want to disappear.

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An Open Letter

Dear Perverts,

It really disgusts me that you douchebags out there in Social Media Land, be you sports bettors, lurking sex pervs, or whatever, and you unequivocally know who you are, seem to feel that you have the entitlement to use my blogs, media posts, videos, photos and related content to propagate your complete and utter lack of respect for women as persons, athletes, and most significantly, humans.

Satisfy your urges elsewhere. Beat off on your own time, and leave my content for those who enjoy tennis as an athletic endeavor and competitive sport. Don’t copy it. Don’t link to it. Don’t watch it. It isn’t for you. I worked hard to shoot videos and take photos of the athletes in women’s tennis at the request of their fans. I don’t wish to share that content with fucking shitbags who search for female tennis players by the body part.

Go away and jerk each other off in a big lovefest, capiche?

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The Comeback Kiick

You can officially start calling her The Comeback Kiick. It’s a little kitschy, sure, but you get the point. Down 1-3 in the third set of her second round match at the Palmetto Pro Open in Sumter, South Carolina today, Floridian Allie Kiick turned it all around and never looked back, winning the final five games of a 7-5 2-6 6-3 victory over Canadian Katherine Sebov, the tournament’s number 2 seed.

With the win, Kiick moves into the quarterfinals of just her second tournament in nearly two years after undergoing multiple surgeries on both knees. “Feel good” story? Yessir!

Way to go, Allie! Keep rolling!

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Kiick Wins Opener in Sumter

A week after making her return to tennis in Bethany Beach, Delaware after being sidelined for nearly two years due to a multitude of injuries, illnesses and operations, American Allie Kiick is safely into the second round of the USTA Pro Circuit Palmetto Pro Open in Sumter, South Carolina. Kiick defeated Ellen Perez 7-6 6-4 in Tuesday’s first round, setting up a second round clash with either Katherine Sebov of Canada, the tournament’s number 2 seed, or American Sophie Chang. Sebov and Chang will play Wednesday, with the second round to be played on Thursday.

Good luck to Kiick, as she continues her journey back to the top!

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Coach Heidi?

Awhile ago a little birdie told me about a rumor that my all-time favorite player, Heidi El Tabakh, was starting to coach tennis professionally, and was working with Canada’s latest prodigal tennis talent, sixteen year old Carson Branstine, who elected to play under the Canadian flag owing to the fact that her Mother was born in Toronto.

If this rumor is true, then perhaps it is also true that Heidi played some part in the French Open junior girls doubles title won by Branstine and fellow Canadian Bianca Andreescu last Saturday at Roland Garros. Which would be a real feather in her cap, professionally.

Even if it’s not true, it makes for a good story.

In any event, congrats to the young Canucks on their second straight junior grand slam title as a doubles team.

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Kiick Set to Return to Court

Looks like American Allie Kiick, plagued by severe, career threatening knee injuries, among other ailments, the past two years, is finally set to resume her tennis career, entered in USTA Pro Circuit tournaments the next three weeks in Bethany Beach, Delaware, Sumter, South Carolina and Baton Rouge, Louisiana using her protected ranking.

The $25,000 clay court Resortquest Pro Women’s Open at Sea Colony starts Sunday June 4, 2017 in Bethany Beach.

Kiick, currently based in Orlando, Florida, has been preparing for her return at the USTA’s National Campus in Lake Nona, Florida.

Go Allie! 🇺🇸