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Quite obviously, I was wrong. Once again. All along. Always. And there is no more escaping the inescapable. No more rationalizing to be done. No more romanticizing about a future with someone that will never never come to pass. No more dreaming. No more hoping. I have been a complete and utter fool.

Duped by a collection of perverts who have nothing better to do with their lives than sit in front of their computers and other smart devices holding their dicks and rubbing one out to any and every picture of a woman in a bikini or short skirt and clingy top, or, more likely, less. So all this time, what I thought might be My Girl, touched by my words, and by the videos I’d made for her, …. the reality of who’s been watching, reading….it is enough to make me want to vomit. To die. To get cancer and die. You have no fucking clue what you did to me. If I ever find you…..

But for now it’s time to wake up. And realize that the someone will never care, because she was never there.


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