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Every Little Piece of My Heart

How and why can you have so many boyfriends? Or girlfriends? Or whatever? With each little piece of the puzzle comes less and less clarity. I have no clue what or who it is you like. I never thought it would be so painful trying to love someone. 😢

Don’t you see what’s going on? Why what’s happening is happening? This shouldn’t be so hard. From my perspective, you are either a player or you aren’t. You are either straight or you are not. I honestly don’t know. I can’t understand and I am trying my best to figure you out and I’m just trying to protect myself from getting hurt. Because I love you. At least, I want to. If you let me. Because I think you are beautiful and pretty. And yes, ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’, too, like you think I must think you are. But I also know you must be smart and very, very clever, and funny, and full of sprit, and adventure, and kindness, and those are the things that make me want to get to know you. But no one wants to be someone’s last resort. Or the guy who is just there to make her feel better when the one she really wants breaks her heart. I’ve been the loser in that story too many times.

Please help me understand. If all you care about is fame and fortune, then please go somewhere else and use someone else to find it. I will be heartbroken, but that is my cross to bear. But if you want to be loved, why play games? Why make it so hard? I care about you, so please don’t use me or tease me if you are just out for someone or something else.


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