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The Glitterati

The tragedy of my life is that somebody like me will never be able to win the heart of someone like you. The things a person like me can say to tell you how I feel about you wouldn’t matter to a person who travels in your circles. Who mingles with VIPs and fellow celebrity. I imagine that a person such as yourself becomes easily desensitized to silly romantic efforts such as mine. Maybe you even resent the very idea of being around ‘normal’ people.

When I saw you I wanted so much to believe in something pure. In something unique and rare and wonderful and special. In you.

Why do you like so many of the elites? The Rich and Famous? The Super Popular? The Glitterati? Are your motives that transparent? Is that all the substance there is to you? Is that all you want from life? Are you even happy? Do you have anyone in your life that truly cares about you?

I think I see it now. You see the videos as something to use to impress the people you really have an interest in meeting. You use them as a marketing gimmick and nothing more. That’s probably what hurts the most.

It was so hard falling in love with someone who didn’t care back. It always is. This time it hurt worst of all. Growing to care for someone you can only get to know from afar and through dreams is uniquely special. I think I honestly loved you. I did. I loved you. I’ll always love you.


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