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“Time of Your Life”

If this is really the end of injury-plagued Canadian Heidi El Tabakh’s playing career, and hopefully it’s not, she’ll be dearly missed. Not the least by me.

Never fully appreciated for her tennis talent and impressively big groundstrokes, when healthy and “on”, she is a joy to watch. And both on and off the court, the words “style”, “sophistication”, “class” and “elegance” all define her.

So as the injuries have mounted, and perhaps forced El Tabakh into an alternative career path at this point in her life, I wonder what could and might have been if things had been a little different for her. I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of her on the court, but fear that it may be. So I offer these reflections because, having followed her career for years now, I have seen the talent. I have seen the fight, the spirit, the determination, and know that had she not suffered from the injuries her career would have been very different. I truly admire her for enduring all of the struggles she has been through with injuries.

And so I want to wish her well in her future endeavors, whatever they may be. Wherever the future may lead you, Heidi, good luck to you always!


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