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Where Does Garbiñe Go From Here?

Newly minted French Open Champion. Conqueror of World Number One Serena Williams. And Self-Proclaimer that Clay is Her Territory.

Even Four years ago, it was easy to see that Spain’s Garbiñe Muguruza, born in Venezuela, was going to be a superstar.

Now that the floodgates are open, and the potential has begun to be realized, the question becomes, just how good can this player be? Can she reach the elite level?

The evidence suggests the answer is “yes.” Since hooking up with coach Sam Sumyk, who coached Viktoria Azarenka to the number 1 ranking and two Australian Open titles, and even managed to get Eugenie Bouchard to a slam final, Muguruza has become far more consistent, has developed a bigger and more reliable serve, has refined her beautifully powerful forehand and backhand even further, has vastly improved her mental toughness, and has finally fulfilled the enormous potential by winning her first grand slam title, by straight sets win over Serena Williams no less. And while she may feel most “comfortable” on clay, logic says faster surfaces such as hardcourts and grass may potentially yield her best chances for winning majors–and yes, she does already have a Wimbledon final under her belt.

And the good news for Garbiñe is, there’s really no one in sight, save Serena, who ought to trouble her big game.

So for fans of Garbiñe, enjoy the ride. The next several years should see her come into her own as the WTA Tour’s next reigning Queen.


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