I hope that if she should ever find her way here, and happen to read these pages, she will know that I am so sorry that I have offended her. I only meant to like her. I wish that hadn’t upset her but I am afraid it likely did, that somewhere along the way I embarrassed her by admiring her. I hope one day she will understand that I genuinely, genuinely think she has the most beautiful eyes and smile I have seen in my life, seems to be a fascinating person, is a fantastic tennis player, and from all indications, is a person of substance who anyone would be honored to meet. And hopefully it is a compliment to her in some small but genuine way that I still hold on to the far flung hopes, in my dreams, that someday, I can find a girl just like her.

I hope she will find everything she is looking for in her life, and that she is happy, and healthy, and fulfilled. I will always think the very best of her.


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