For Heidi

You know how you always hope there’s a day you can summon the courage to tell the Girl of your Dreams how much she has meant to you? Well, since I’m no good at letters….

I don’t much like myself. I am ugly and not nearly as smart as I thought I was, and I have failed more times at more things than I can remember. But She is an ethereal ray of sunlight that casts away the darkness, and when I catch a glimpse of her eyes in one of her photos, or in one of my dreams, I forget the darkness for just a little bit.

So thank you, Heidi el Tabakh, for that specialness you’ve shared with the world. With me. With your smile. And those eyes. Though you wouldn’t really know me from a hole in the ground, unwittingly, you brightened my life in ways you can’t possibly imagine. My great regret in life is that a someone like me can never meet a someone like you anywhere but in a dream. That’s OK, though, because I’ll always have a place in my heart for you.


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